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Salba - The Little Grain That Could

 A tiny, humble super-grain today called Salba ruled the diets of the Aztec elite. It was a tasteless grain that was eaten plain, mixed with other seed crops, made into refreshing drinks, ground up for bread, included in medicines and pressed for oil.

This single grain contributed and was primarily responsible for the vibrant health, tremendous stamina and amazing strength of the Aztec warriors who would often run miles to deliver messages to distant settlements.

The Spanish explorer and conquerer Hernando Cortez noted the Aztec dependence on the grain and when push came to shove during the breakdown of their relationship, Cortez and his Army of conquistadors set fire to all the Aztec Salba grain fields in an attempt to deprive the Aztecs of their source of nutrition and power.

Aztec resistance was so strong that Cortez and his conquistadors resorted to house-to-house skirmishing and finally fire to root out the rebels and gain control of their city. The whole city of Tenochtitlan was burned to the ground. Cortez and his band of merry murderers also brought European diseases and pestilence to the remaining inhabitants of the Aztec Civilization who fell victim to them without access to their super grain.

Salba too, fell victim to Cortez's rampage in the lands surrounding the Aztec capitol. It virtually disappeared except for the little that Cortez brought back to Spain with him. It was named Salvia Hispanica L but not widely cultivated. After all, it seemed simply a relic of the remnants of another conquered people.

So why is Salba so special? Recently resurrected, Salba is now cultivated in several South American countries in an effort to produce a genetically improved super-grain that would fill virtually every nutritional need of a health-conscious and active society. Diabetics report great overall improvement in chronic conditions brought on by the effects of diabetes in addition to increased energy, better circulation, re-vitalization, and better weight control. Blood sugar control is more easily maintained when salba is eaten regularly in food recipes.

Those on diets report that the grain makes them feel substantially full when sprinkled on morning cereal like oatmeal or grits and even cold breakfast cereals. Salba is perfect for cooking or baking since it is tasteless and doesn't contribute additional flavors to the foods it is mixed with. Lasagnas, meatloafs, cookies, cakes, puddings, and many other foods can be prepared with Salba without changing the recipes substantially.

Americans will hear more and more about this complete superfood in the next three to five years as more and more people learn about its health benefits and as more and more food products. New products always take time to infiltrate the American psyche and the media begin reporting its effects on a regular basis.

Those with chronic illnesses like diabetes that require a constant source of diabetes supplies like glucose meter strips etc and infection-control agents like the New Silver Solution from Nutronix International will appreciate the boost in energy and better circulation they may experience with Salba.

Bruce Santucci lives in Melbourne, FL and investigates personal and family solutions to serious public health concerns. Click Diabetes Care to learn more about diabetes control and prevention and to get diabetes supplies.

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